If you have bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels in your attic or a bee hive, rats, mice in the wall of your house, we can handle the situation safely and effectively. Our experienced team is trained and equipped to remove Tulsa, Sand Springs, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Coweta, Muskogee Wildlife Removal Specialists

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All Types of Bats, Birds or Wildlife Removed.


If your property is infested with bats, birds, animals or strange critters, call B-Gone Wildlife. We have more than 30 years of experience in Oklahoma wildlife removal in Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Coweta, Muskogee and surrounding areas. We’re familiar with the pests common to the area, and we use the most efficient and up-to-date methods of removal.

Contact B-Gone Wildlife Specialists for fast and thorough wildlife or animal removal. We accept phone calls 24 hours a day. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Professional Exterminators

A Exterminator is a practitioner in pest control.

Bat Removal- Bats removed without harming them. Totally humane bat removal utilizing the preferred method of Complete Bat exclusions and one way valve bat excluders. Never touch a bat, please let a professional properly handle them. Bats are very delicate and / or could be carriers of rabies.


trapper-robb-bee-removal-BeekeeperBee Removal – Tulsa Broken Arrow Bixby Jenks Muskogee

Professional bee keeper and wildlife removal specialist the Stinging insect removal specialist you need to call in Greater Tulsa and All Of Green Country. We remove honey bee swarms, honey bee cut outs from inside homes and other buildings. Hornet and wasp nests and can solve the angriest yellow jacket problems you may have. Any Stinging Insect Anytime.


Beaver Removal- Beavers are best known for their damage to trees but they can dig dens into man made dams that will weaken and leak. They also build their own dams to hold the water back sometimes causing flooding into yards, fields or roadways. Several different trapping methods are used to remove unwanted beavers.


Bird Control – Pigeons and the control of pigeons makes up a big part of our business . We trap remove and control pigeons and other nuisance pest birds such as sparrows, starlings, ducks, geese and other pest birds. lease call ofr a quote for bird control in the Greater Tulsa Broken Arrow area.

Chipmunk Removal – Chipmunks are very cute but when left to multiply in large numbers they can cause structural damage by burrowing under foundations, stairs and patios. Chipmunks will eat pet food, flower bulbs and bird feed. Setting multiple cage traps are the best way to contain them from getting out of hand.

Coyote Trapper - Coyotes, coyotes, coyotes seem to be in the local news. Tired of hearing about all the pets stolen by these sneaky vermin. Coyotes, their management and control is a big part of what we do.  Nearly 30 years of predator trapping, fox, raccoon, coyote, etc.

Ground Hog Removal- Ground hogs can cause a lot of damage by digging under sheds, wood piles and foundations. Ground hogs can also do damage to gardens, flowers and plants. Cage trapping to remove them and exclusion methods can be done to keep them from coming back under structures.

Raccoon Removal – These animals are the number one pest in throughout most of North America. They can gain access to your attic or home and cause severe damage. Raccoons can also carry diseases such as roundworm and rabies. We can set humane traps to remove unwanted raccoons.

Opossum Removal – Opossums usually live under dwellings. They will find their way into crawl spaces, under mobile homes and under decks. Opossums will eat just about anything they can scavenge up. We can set Humane traps to remove unwanted opossums.

Skunks Removal- Skunks , or polecats also like to dig under concrete or decks to find places to live. Leaving a garage door open is very inviting for them and often find pet food there. They also can tear up a yard looking for grubs. When threatened they can spray their strong musk odor fifteen feet. They also are strong carriers of rabies. We can trap & remove skunks with out them spraying.

Squirrel Removal- Squirrels are famous to be a real problem in attics or soffits. Squirrels can damage the wires and make a lot of noise during the day in an attic. Small cage traps are used at the entry point to remove them and after all squirrels are caught the access point must be securely repaired.We may also recommend other ways of squirrel removal.

Muskrat Removal – Muskrats also like to burrow into man made dams in ponds or lakes that could break way over time. They will also burrow their tunnels into shorelines of yards that cave in over time. In yards they will eat plants and bark off of trees. Muskrats multiply quickly and can be caught under water in traps.

Dead Animal Removal – If you have a dead animal on or in your property, we can remove dead animals,sanitize and deodorize the area.

Bee,Wasp & Hornet Bee Hive Removal Services

National Wildlife Control Operators Association, National Trappers Associations,



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